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Cider Farms

There are many small producers of real cider and perry scattered around the UK. The area deservedly most famous for scrumpy is the West Country - notably in Somerset, Devon, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire - but many counties have cider farms. The number of smallscale cider producers has been declining over the years for a variety of reasons, although it is encouraging that recently new producers have been appearing. This page attempts to list all active cider producers across the country.

Old Scrump's Cider Map containing all active cider producers listed on this website. Please note that not all are open to the public, so please check with the listing, and if neccessary call the farm before visiting!

Finding Cider Farms

Finding some of the cider farms is definitely made easier if you have SatNav or a map with you. Many of the cider farms seem to favour conducting their trade in out-of-the-way places, and can be difficult to find even with directions. I have to admit there ha've been a few times when I've given up trying to find a cider farm after running out of time and getting hopelessly lost - still, times like those make the pint of scrumpy even more welcome when you do find 'em!

Opening Hours

Most of the places listed are open during normal "shop" hours, and some at additional times. Some producers are only small family-run businesses, sometimes operating from home, where you may turn up and find they're not in - if possible it's always advisable to check in advance if you're not sure, rather than risk disappointment. That way you can also ask directions as well. Before travelling a long way to a producer you haven't visited before this is particularly advisable - it's happened to me a few times that I've visited places that have either closed down (disaster!) or run out of scrumpy (tragedy!). Luckily for me each time there were others nearby - you may not be so lucky! It's worth noting here that some producers are not licenced for retail sales and do not welcome callers. If you are in any doubt, call ahead to check.

WARNING TO DRIVERS! CAUTION: if you're driving, go easy on the tasting - most scrumpy is potent stuff (typically 6%-8% abv), and some of the suppliers are fairly generous with the samples - if you choose to ignore this warning and come a cropper as a result, don't tell I, tell 'ee!

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List Of Cider Farms by name

We list British cider farms arranged by name, by county - and now by reputation (as voted by the readers of Old Scrump's Cider House).

Note: although this list is still under construction, it now contains over 170 Cider Farms which is a good start in anyone's book!

Allen's Cider - Gloucestershire
Apple Blossom Cider - Cornwall
Appledram Cider - West Sussex
Ashgrove Orchard Cider - Herefordshire
Ashill Cider - Somerset
Ashridge Cider - Devon
Aspall Cyder - Suffolk
Badgers Cider - Herefordshire
Badgers Hill Farm Cider - Kent
Bagborough Cider - Somerset
Banham Cider - Norfolk
Barbourne Cider - Worcestershire
Barker's Real Cider & Perry - Worcestershire
Barnfield Cider Mill - Worcestershire
Battle Cider - West Sussex
Ben Crossman's Farmhouse Cider - Somerset
Biddenden Cider - Kent
Black Mac Cider - Somerset
Black Rat Cider - Wiltshire
Bo Bridle's Cider - Dorset
Bollhayes Cider - Devon
Brain's Cider - Gloucestershire
Breach Cider - Kent
Bridge Farm Cider - Somerset
Brimblecombe's Devon Farmhouse Cider - Devon
Broadlands Cider - Somerset
Broadoak Cider Co. - Somerset
Bromell's Devon Farm Cider - Devon
Brook Apple Farm Cider & Perry - Gloucestershire
Brook Farm Cider - Herefordshire
Brooklyn Farm Cider - Shropshire
Broomfield Orchards - Kent
Brothers Cider - Somerset
Budden Cider - Devon
Buffoon's Cider - Essex
Bulmers Cider - Herefordshire
Burnard's Cider - Norfolk
Burrow Hill Cider Farm (The Somerset Cider Brandy Co. Ltd) - Somerset
Burscombe Farm Cider - Devon
Butford Farm Cider - Herefordshire
Cadogan Cider & Perry - Gloucestershire
Cam Valley Cider - Cambridgeshire
Cassels Cider - Cambridgeshire
Castle Cider - Dorset
Castle Cider Co. - Kent
Castlings Heath Cottage Organic Cider - Suffolk
Chafford Cider - Kent
Chandos Cider - Herefordshire
Cheshire Cider - Cheshire
Chestnut Farm Cider (formerly Bennett's Cider) - Somerset
Chucklehead Cider - Devon
Cider By Rosie - Dorset
Ciderniks - Berkshire
Cock Robin Cider - Cumbria
Cokesputt Cyder - Devon
Coldharbour Cider - Surrey
Cornish Cyder Farm - Cornwall
Cornish Orchards - Cornwall
Countryman Cider - Devon
Crippledick Cider - Kent
Crone's Organic Apple Juice & Cider - Norfolk
Crooked End Farm Cider - Gloucestershire
Davard's Cider & Apples - Cornwall
Day's Cottage Cider - Gloucestershire
Derrick's Cider - Somerset
Devlin End Cidery - Essex
Double Vision Cider Co. - Kent
Dunkerton's Cider Co. - Herefordshire
Dyken Cider Co - Cumbria
Elm Farm Cider - Somerset
Ermie & Gertie's Cider - Somerset
Eve's Cider - Northamptonshire
Fernihough's Cider - Worcestershire
Fowlers Scrumpy Company - Devon
Friar's Cider - West Sussex
Gaymer Cider Group - Somerset
George's Cider - Herefordshire
Godshill Cider Co. - Isle Of Wight
Gospel Green Cider - West Sussex
Goverd Cider - Somerset
Grafton Field Cider - Worcestershire
Grays Farm Cider - Devon
Great Oak Cider & Apple Co. - Herefordshire
Green Valley Cyder - Devon
Greenwood's Apple Juice & Cider - Norfolk
Gregg's Pit Cider & Perry - Herefordshire
Gwatkin Cider - Herefordshire
Gwynt Y Ddraig Cider - Rhondda Cynon Taff
Hancock's Devon Cider - Devon
Harechurch Hill Cider - Gloucestershire
Hartland's Cider - Gloucestershire
Harvest Of Arden Cider - Warwickshire
Haye Farm Cider - Cornwall
Heavy Horses Cider - Herefordshire
Hecks Traditional Farmhouse Cider - Somerset
Helford Creek Cyder - Cornwall
Henney's Cider Company Ltd. - Herefordshire
Henry's Farmhouse Scrumpy - Somerset
Hereward Cider - Cambridgeshire
Heron Valley Cider - Devon
Hucknell Cider Co. - Nottinghamshire
Hunt's Devon Cider - Devon
Indicknowle Traditional Farmhouse Cider - Devon
Johnson's Farmhouse Cider - Kent
Jolly Dry Cider - West Sussex
Kennford Cider - Devon
Killerton Estate Cider - Devon
Knights Cider Co. Ltd. - Worcestershire
Lambourn Valley Cider Company - Berkshire
Lane's Cider - Somerset
Ledbury Cider & Perry Co. - Herefordshire
Little Thatch Cider - Dorset
Lizard Cider Barn - Cornwall
Luscombe Cider - Devon
Lyme Bay Cider - Devon
Lyne Down Cider & Perry - Herefordshire
Mackay's Aylton Perry & Cider - Herefordshire
Mahorall Farm Cider - Shropshire
Malvern Magic Cider - Herefordshire
Matching Cider Company - Essex
Mayfield Cider - West Sussex
Milltop Cider - Devon
Millwhites Cider - Hertfordshire
Minchew's Real Cyder & Perry - Gloucestershire
Mr Whitehead's Cider - Hampshire
Naish's Cider - Somerset
Neals Place Farm Cider - Kent
New Forest Cider - Hampshire
Newton's Cider - Herefordshire
Norbury's Black Bull Cider Co. - Worcestershire
Norfolk Cider - Norfolk
Old Bill's Cider - Cambridgeshire
Oliver's Cider & Perry - Herefordshire
Orchard Pig Cider - Somerset
Orchards Cider & Perry Co. - Gloucestershire
Orgasmic Cider Company - Herefordshire
Ostler's Cider - Devon
Palmershayes Cider - Devon
Park Cider - Essex
Parson's Choice Cider - Somerset
Pawley Farm Traditional Kentish Cider - Kent
Pear Tree Farm Cider & Perry - Herefordshire
Peelwalls Cider - Berwickshire
Pennard Organic Cider (Avalon Vineyard) - Somerset
Penpol Cider - Cornwall
Perry's Farmhouse Cider - Somerset
Pickled Pig - Cambridgeshire
Pinknash Abbey Cider - Gloucestershire
Pipkin Cider - North Yorkshire
Pippins Cider - Kent
Pitfield Brewery - Essex
Pookhill Cider - West Sussex
Porthallow Vineyard & Cider Farm - Cornwall
R.G. Tosh & Sons Cider - Gloucestershire
Ragman's Cider - Gloucestershire
Ralph's Cider & Perry - Powys
Rathay's Old Goat Cider - Herefordshire
Reddaways's Farm Cider - Devon
Reed's Cider - Devon
Rich's Farmhouse Cider - Somerset
Riddle's Cider - Gloucestershire
Rockingham Forest Cider - Leicestershire
Rosemary Cider - Isle Of Wight
Rosie's Triple D Cider - Denbighshire
Roskilly's Cider - Cornwall
Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co Ltd - Herefordshire
Saxon Cider - West Yorkshire
Scropton Cider - Derbyshire
Sedlescombe Organic Cider - West Sussex
Seidr Dai - Glamorgan
Seidr Mynediad Ysbyty - Gwent
Seidr O Sir / Welsh County Cider - Powys
Shawsgate Cider - Suffolk
Sheppy's Cider - Somerset
Shortwood Cider - Herefordshire
Skidbrooke Cyder - Lincolnshire
Solway Cider - Cumbria
Somerby Cider Company - Leicestershire
Stagge Cider - Derbyshire
Stamford Cider (Stamford Juice Company) - Lincolnshire
Suffolk Apple Juice & Cider - Suffolk
Summers' Cider & Perry - Gloucestershire
Swamp Donkey Cider - Hampshire
Symons Farm Cider - Devon
Tardebigge Cider - Worcestershire
Tay's Farmhouse Cider - Devon
Thatchers Cider Company Ltd - Somerset
The Harrold Calvados Society - Bedfordshire
Thornham Farm Cider - Wiltshire
Three Cats Cider - Derbyshire
Three Counties Cider - Middlesex
Tiddley Pomme Cider - Kent
Tilley's Cider & Perry - Gloucestershire
Toritona Cider - Devon
Torre Cider - Somerset
Totham Kneecracker - Essex
Troggi Seidr - Gwent
Upton Cider Company - Oxfordshire
Veryan Cyder Co. - Cornwall
Vickery's Cider - Somerset
Welland Valley Cider - Leicestershire
West Croft Cider - Somerset
Weston's Cider & Perry - Herefordshire
WH Smart & Co Ltd. - West Midlands
Wheal Maiden Cider - Cornwall
Whin Hill Cider - Norfolk
Whitestone Farm Traditional Cider - Devon
Wilkins' Farmhouse Cider - Somerset
Windmill Vineyard - Northamptonshire
Windmill Vineyard Cider - Northamptonshire
Winkleigh Cider - Devon
Wiscombe Cider - Devon
Wobblygob Traditional Cider - West Midlands
Wolfeton Cider - Dorset
Wyatt's Cider - Berkshire


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