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The Gaymer Cider Company is owned by Constellation Europe, part of Constellation Brands. Constellation Europe was formed in 2004 when Matthew Clark PLC, integrated with Constellation Wines Europe Ltd.; Gaymer Cider Company was formed shortly after that to market the company's ciders. The Gaymer Cider Company's name was taken from Gaymer's Olde English cyder, a brand of cider first produced commercially in 1770 by William Gaymer and owned by Matthew Clark PLC from the mid 1990s.

Various images of Gaymer's Shepton Mallet factory at the Somerset Strategic Partnership website.


The Gaymer Cider Company is the second largest cider maker in the world, producing most of its ciders in its Shepton Mallet plant. Gaymer Cider Company is the second largest cider maker in the UK and indeed the world. The portfolio of brands include many of the major brands. Blackthorn Cider is the No. 2 cider brand, and the original keg cider. Other major brands include Olde English and Diamond White. It has recently launched new brands into the cider market including Gaymers Original Cider and Gaymer's Orchard Reserve. There is also a range of different ciders to accommodate the breadth of cider styles and the regional preferences that exist. These brands include Addlestones, K, Special Vat and Natch.

It must be noted that some of Gaymer Ciders are mass-produced using non-traditional methods - apple concentrate, sugar and sweeteners fermented with a controlled yeast strain, rather than using the whole pressed apples and as such can not be considered 'real cider'. In saying that the cider operation of Gaymer Cider Company has seen very significant investment. In the four years to 2000, in excess of £35m was invested in the Cider Mill at Shepton Mallet in Somerset to make it the most modern, efficient and flexible cider production facility in the world. There has also been major investment in the planting of 2,000 acres of new orchards (or some 750,000 new trees) to secure the English apples to make the ciders. The cost of the planting scheme was in excess of £3m and means that the cider mill now regularly presses in excess of 30,000 tonnes of fruit each season. The focus of Gaymer Cider Company matches that of the wider business – excellent and consistent product quality across a range of brands matching consumer preferences and the occasions when they enjoy cider.


Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5ND

Tel 01749 334000
Fax 01749 334065
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Directions by road: On the main A37, east of Shepton Mallet town centre.

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